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Photo Stamps, 1981-1990

From 1981 to 1990 I created a series of photo stamps from both my original photography and appropriated images from books and magazines, amassing a library of more than 50 images in this format.


I worked with a photo lab in Florida which used a cluster lens to rephotograph the original image, resulting in a grid of 25 multiple miniature prints on photographic paper. Each sheet was then gummed and perforated using an antiquated machine. Due to advances in technology and the labor-intensive nature of this process, the equipment and means to produce this particular kind of photo stamp is no 

longer available.


Using combinations of stamps I created narrative compositions. Also, reminiscent of my earlier work in textiles, I used the multiple images to make patterns resembling quilt designs. I also used the stamps informally on mail art, where they were deployed on envelopes and often canceled by the post office. 


I continue to make new work with this medium, drawing from my remaining library of images. The body of work includes formal portfolios of sheets of stamps, a unique photo album of all the stamps I produced, framed compositions, and Cibachrome prints with collaged stamps. 

Sas Colby 2019

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